Name. In this case also, a family subscription may cover not more than four members of the same family and must include at least one parent. (a) The acceptance of all classes of members shall rest with the Committee. Use of the word “Club” without qualification means the Men’s Club or Ladies Club, or both, where the context so … So too do the rules and regulations governed by The Council of National Golf Unions Limited (CONGU). Shorts must be tailored and smart. Rules & Constitution. (ii) Members under the age of 21 years will not be liable to pay an Entrance Fee. (c) On the admission of a Member the Secretary will notify him or her thereof furnishing him or her at the same time with a copy of the Constitution and requesting him or her to pay the entry fee and the appropriate proportion of the subscription for the year then current. Long game practice must only be from the artificial grass tee, and within the allocated playing area of the day. Maintain the policy of the Golf Club and advise members if they are about to make decision which conflicts with current policy. Enter your e-mail and subscribe to our newsletter. Finance 11. The objectives of communication of our club are: Communication is an essential part of our club and its management because it connects us to our members. The name of the Club shall be STIRLING GOLF CLUB. Note: The above is not meant to be an exclusive list of rules or etiquette and may be amended by, (a) at a properly convened meeting of the club committee. Behaviour likely to cause injury or impair safety on club premises. James Lindsay: 01786 464098 (option 5), Professional: No person will be allowed in the Clubhouse wearing football/rugby type shirts and shorts, vest-type shirts, collarless t-shirts, tracksuits or shell suits. 2. Each club should carefully consider the most appropriate constitution for its particular circumstances. 1.5 THE JUNIOR CLUB shall mean The Ballina Golf Club Junior Club. This limit shall not include the spouse of Ordinary, Overseas, Honorary and Honorary Life Members. Crisis can materialise due to reasons that are out of the control of the club, but potential and possible crisis situations will be analysed in advance. 15.) (d) While under suspension the person concerned will continue to be a member of the Club, will be subject to the discipline of the Club and will be responsible for the payment of his or her subscription. No member of the Committee and no Officer, or employee of the Club shall have any personal interest in the sale to the Club of supplies of liquor or in the profits arising from such sale. White Markers – Used solely for club competitions unless otherwise authorised by the Committee.Yellow Markers – Used by all male Members for all other play.Red Markers – Used solely by Lady Members, their Lady guests and Lady visitors.Blue Markers – Used by Junior Members. Treasurer together with the Lady Captain and Lady Vice-Captain shall be ex-officio members of all sub-committees. Administration 10. 1.2 Exception – Penalty Areas to the right of the 6th, 8th and 12th holes are deemed to extend to infinity. A breach of this undertaking will constitute misconduct. Copies of all such rules and regulations made by the Committee will be made available for inspection by Members in the Clubhouse and will be binding on all Members of the Club. The Disciplinary Appeals Committee must meet within 7 days of receipt of the appeal. The Committee shall have power to fill vacancies in their number during the year, but such members so co-opted shall only hold office until the next Annual General Meeting, when such vacancies shall be filled by ballot of the members of the Club in accordance with these rules. OBJECTS. It should be noted that to be given a ‘competition handicap’ a club member must return scores annually amounting to 54 holes in qualifying competitions or in supplementary scores. No proxies shall be allowed, and if a majority of Members present wish any question under discussion to be put to vote by ballot, that mode of voting shall be adopted. both internal and external communication is conducted. There will be prepared annually an income and expenditure account for this period and the balance sheet as at Thirty First October. A copy of their scorecard showing the gross score should accompany this form to allow for any Rule 19.8 adjustments. DEFINITIONS WORDS MEANING “The Club” The above named WELLOW GOLF CLUB “Management” Wellow Golf Club Ltd, being the company owning Members using their privilege tickets for guests must: a) Enter the names of their guests in the visitor’s book in the Professional’s Shopb) Play alongside their guests (in the same group)c) Visiting guests can only receive the use of privilege tickets a maximum of 6 times in any one-year (April – March), no matter which Member accompanies them. Crisis management – In crisis situations a crisis group must be established, which is lead by the Captain / Chair of the Management Committee. Mobile phones are allowed in the clubhouse. A club constitution is a simple document that outlines its functions and the rules under which it will operate. All direction signs on the course must be obeyed. Must signal players behind to pass if searching for a ball for more than five minutes. Fairness. 5 Day Members can play golf between Monday and Friday, but not during times reserved for alternate day competitions on a Friday. Its deliberations will include consideration of all the facts already presented, any new evidence that may be relevant and may include recalling witnesses. It is their responsibility to maintain their position on the course and avoid undue delays. The PGA Professional or his staff may request players to leave the course out with the above times. Title 2. (ii) in security of such borrowings, to enter into such  security of the heritable  and/or other property of the Club (including without prejudice to the generality,   any Standard Security) as may be required by any lender; provided always that, save as provided in sub-paragraph (k) below, such borrowing and/or grant of security is approved   by the Members of the Club at a General meeting of the Club. Players use the Academy at their own risk, and are responsible for any damage or injury resulting from their actions. The official address of the Club is Newtown, Tramore, in the County of Waterford. (b) The Captain, Vice-Captain, Lady Captain, Lady Vice Captain, Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer until the next Annual General Meeting but shall be eligible for re-election. This concession is not available during the months of July and August. Name and Objects of the Club The Club shall be named the Nairn Dunbar Golf Club and shall be a non-profit making body. 6 Board Directors/Management Committee/Trustees/ Executive Committee This can be called a number of different things but when this guide refers to a management committee it means the strategic decision-making non-executive function at the top of the golf club. The Committee shall meet at least once a month, and in addition to the powers hereinafter specially conferred on them, shall have the control of the finances of the Club, power to engage, control and dismiss the Club employees, supply refreshments and have all such administrative power as may be necessary for properly carrying out the objects of the Club in accordance with these Rules and the provisions of the Registration of Clubs Act and any Act amending or extending the same. Good service for the media is essential to create a good image of our golf club. It includes your Statement of Purpose, your adopted Rules of Incorporation and your structure. If a person has been a Temporary member for five consecutive years, such Member shall be entitled to become an Ordinary member provided there is approval by the Committee and the entrance fee applicable shall be the equivalent applicable to their first year as a Temporary Member. The Committee will have the authority, if required, to alter the fees for specific membership categories once per year for the purposes of recruitment of members. (g) Any amendment to a motion proposing an alteration to the constitution must be received by the Secretary within 7 days of the date of the publication of the notice of the meeting to the Membership. Email:, Secretary: They should be switched to silent and, if answered, calls should be taken outwith the lounges. Practice play must be from the designated lanes and must be in the direction of the farm. 4.1 The Men’s Club shall:- 4.1.1 Promote the Amateur Game of Golf amongst its members. (Rule 24-2 applies). 7.) For the Annual General Meeting, notice of a motion to alter the constitution or of any other competent business must be sent in writing to the Secretary and must be received by him or her no later than the first day of December preceding the meeting. Amendments from the floor to Motions dealing with Entrance Fees, Levies or Subscriptions shall not be voted on unless the amendment is to reduce the proposed Entrance Fee, Levy or Subscription. Prevent irrelevant discussion & keep to agenda. Garry Bowman: 01786 464098 (option 1), Course Manager: (a) Members of the Club will be bound by the terms of the Constitution and all rules and regulations of the Club. No Rule of the Club shall be repealed or altered, or new Rule made, except at an Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting. The Committee may refuse admission to any guest. Such Member, should they be elected to Ordinary membership, shall be liable for the current years Entrance Fee and subscription. Members are encouraged to use their card to enter the Clubhouse. OR An expression of dissatisfaction relating to how a procedural matter was handled by the club. This will be signaled by 3 loud blasts on a klaxon. are responsible for media relations. Dependent children on reaching the age of 21 years shall cease to qualify for family subscription and must pay the full appropriate adult subscription, if elected to any category of membership. The rights applicable to Pavilion Membership shall be confined to the use and enjoyment of the privileges of the Clubhouse. (b) Guests will not be supplied with alcoholic liquor on the Club premises unless on the invitation and in the company of a member and providing such guests have been satisfactorily introduced to the Club in accordance with the Constitution. If the ball lies off the putting green but not in a hazard and is within two club-lengths of the intervening obstruction, it may be lifted, cleaned and dropped at the nearest point to where the ball lay which. (b) The Captain, Vice-Captain and Finance Convener will be elected at the Annual General Meeting. They are also the contact point with media. The member will be given at 7 days notice to attend the meeting for the purpose of responding to the complaint. It is common for terms Constitution, Rules of Incorporation, and By-Laws to be confused. Sexual, racial or any other form of personal harassment of any fellow member, member of staff or other employee of the club or any authorised visitor. The Captain shall have precedence on the first tee at all times. Exceptions apply to primary school children or younger, in the restaurant area. Only Juniors under the age of 18, as at 1st November, may play in Junior competitions or Championships. Proxy voting forms will be available from the office or can be downloaded from the website. Rosslare Golf Club are fully committed to safeguarding the wellbeing of their members. Any Society member without a ‘competition handicap’ or who is not a member of an … 2.The different groups that the club communicates with will include: Internal communication includes communication with our  Staff and          Members. A copy of such notice shall be affixed to the General Notice Board in the Clubhouse. As long as they hold such offices the Honorary President and Honorary Vice-President(s) will be exempt from payment of an annual subscription of the Club but shall retain all rights and privileges of Ordinary Members. No Ordinary Member shall be entitled ‘TO ATTEND’ at any General Meeting unless his/her current year’s subscription has been paid. 37.8.2. consumed by that person during the meal or after the meal has ended. The number shall be limited to 50. 27.00 ALTERATIONS OF RULES. 1.) The use of distance-measuring devices for the purpose of assessing distance only is permitted, strictly in accordance with Rule 14-3. This rule will not apply to members of the Burrow Course, Temporary, Pavilion or Overseas Members. Every official / committee member / employee is a ”communicator”, who creates an image of our club. Treas., Lady Captain, Lady Vice-Captain and eight other ordinary members of the Club. (2017). To assist sporting bodies develop useful and effective constitutions, the Office of Sport developed a series of model sports constitution templates. The Club and its objective shall be the provision and upkeep of facilities for the playing of golf and other social activities by Members. (f) To carry on business as club proprietors, and in that connection to obtain, and maintain, registration, as a registered club under the Licensing (Scotland) Act, 2005, as amended, or as may be amended, or any other Act dealing with Clubs in Scotland, for the sale of alcoholic liquor. External communication makes the activities of our club known and strengthens the positive image of the club and golf in the community. Any Member wishing to withdraw from the Club, shall notify the same in writing to the Secretary before the 1st March, in default of which he/she shall be liable for the subscription for that year. Waikato District Veteran Golfers Assn Inc Rules and Constitution (PDF 1.3MB) Certificate of Incorporation. A single player has no status on the golf course. (b) If in the passing of any such resolution it is ascertained that there is an excess of liabilities over assets each member who is entitled to take part in the management of the Club and Life Member of the Club at the time of passing of such resolution will be liable for his or her share of such excess liabilities and shall make payment thereof to the Committee within one month of receiving a notice demanding payment. Click here to view a copy of the rules for 2020 Waikato District Veteran RULES 2020 1.1.2 Clauses are indicated by consecutive numbers preceded by Article number. Relations with the local community is the responsibility of the Management Committee. CONSTITUTION OF. Avoid the use of abusive or profane language. Visitors wishing to play over the Links must be Members of a recognised Golf Club and pay the correct Green Fee. Rule 20 does not apply to this category. (b) To establish and maintain a Golf and Social Club, and to provide and lay out a golf course, and to adapt, alter, add to, or rebuild or remove any existing buildings for the objects of the Club, and to erect and maintain a suitable Clubhouse, buildings and erections in connection therewith, including, as necessary, golfers’ shelters, and other offices for the use of the members of the Club, and their visitors and guests, and employees, and to furnish and maintain suitably the same, and to permit the same to be used by the members of the Club and visitors and guests, and employees, either gratuitously or on such terms as the Club may fix, and to provide employees as necessary for the Club, and to purchase and sell and deal in all kinds of provisions and refreshments, liquid and solid, and all kinds of apparatus required by persons frequenting the Club’s Course and facilities, and cater for the members of the Club, and to hold competitions, and to give or contribute to the medals or prizes at such competitions, and generally to do whatever the Club may deem best, calculated to promote the interests of the Club. Mark scorecards only after leaving the green. Click Here to download the Club’s current Constitution The gate to the course must be kept clear and will be padlocked. Visual identity – Rosslare Golf Club will ensure our logo image is present in all publications, web services, events and happenings. Members can use the loyalty fee to purchase goods from either the bar or restaurant. (e) At all meetings of the Club the chair will be the Captain, whom failing the Vice Captain whom failing another Member of the Committee who the Committee by majority shall determine. 20.) Members or guests must not play more than two balls. Please rake bunkers after use, repair all pitch marks and fill divots using the mixture provided. All Rights Reserved. If taking a call please proceed to the lobby or outside to continue a call or if you need to make a call. Any credit remaining on the card and not spent by Dec 31st in each year will be retained by the club, (vii) The subscription for Pavilion members remains at €50.00 until further notice, (viii) All subscriptions are payable in advance on 1st February each year. Play only from the designated teeing areas to the appropriate green in the correct order. Members must complete the away score return form which includes the date, competition, CSS and SSS and their gross score. The Election of Members shall be in the hands of the Committee, who must give their consent to any name being put forward, the mode of election to be by ballot, and one blackball in five to exclude. WELLOW GOLF CLUB CONSTITUTION 1. Slow play irritates everyone on the golf course. The property of the Club shall be vested in the Trustees and shall be dealt with by them as directed by and in accordance with the resolutions of the Committee (of which an entry in the Minute Book shall be sufficient evidence). Show respect to fellow golfers and staff. 37.4 Liquor to be sold for Consumption Outside: No excisable liquor may be sold or supplied for consumption outside the premises of the Club except to members of the Club, between the hours of eight o’ clock in the morning and ten o’clock at night. Mobile phones, if carried on the course, must be switched to silent. All ‘away’ scores must be returned as soon as possible to the Club and must be returned prior to the next club competition or medal. A written and signed complaint (including email) must be sent to the Honorary Secretary no later than 10 days after the incident which is the subject of the complaint. (k) Employee Members: Current employees may avail of employee membership and shall be entitled to play in all Open competitions on payment of subscription applicable. In the event of visitors omitting to make the payments due by them, the Member introducing them shall be liable for same. (i) The Committee will have the power to acquire by purchase or excambion, lease, hire or otherwise any lands, buildings or other heritable or real rights and property as may be authorised at a General Meeting of the Club. Balls must be hit no further than the furthest target green (200 yards). All General Meetings (Annual and Special) shall be held in Rosslare. It is the duty of every member to become familiar with all such rules. 14.) Young People between the age of 19 and 27 are able to play in Ordinary Member competitions. 5. (B) A husband or wife who holds Ordinary, Overseas or Associate membership, and not more than three children under the age of 21 years. At meetings of the Committee, ten shall form a quorum. (e) The committee may appoint such employees as the Committee considers appropriate to further the conduct of business of the Club. The Trustees shall have power, with the approval of the Committee or with the approval of a Special or Annual General Meeting of the Club to execute a Deed of Charge or Mortgage of the lands and premises belonging to the Club, or to deposit the Title Deeds thereof to or with a Bank or other Lender, for the purpose of securing payment by the Club to the said Bank or Lender, of any sum or sums of money which the said Bank or Lender may from time to time advance to the Club, or which may be due by the Club to the said Bank or Lender on Current Account, Loan Account or Term Loan Account. At the end of the stated period of suspension, provided that his or her behaviour has been satisfactory to the Committee the member will resume all rights and privileges of the Club without further application. Such re-elected Members shall not be eligible for subsequent re-election to Committee for a period of one year after demitting office. Women’s Cricket & Associates Golf Society Constitution and Rules 1. Lockers are for the use of playing Members. 37.7 Dates on which Liquor cannot be sold, subject to the exceptions contained in Clause no excisable liquor shall be supplied for consumption on the Club premises to any person (other than a member of the Club lodging in the Club premises) or be consumed on the Club premises by any person (other than such a member). Smart jeans are allowed in the Clubhouse. 1.2 The Kanturk golf Club is a voluntary sporting organisation. 37.7.2 On any other day, as specified hereunder, outside the times so specified in respect of it: Communications received will be acknowledged immediately and a full reply will follow as soon as is practical. Ladies Competitions and Handicaps shall be administered by the Ladies Committee. Smoking, including the smoking of E-cigarettes, is not permitted in the Clubhouse or at the entrance. No person shall be considered a member until his/her first Annual Subscription and appropriate Entrance Fee shall have been paid, on paying which he/she submits to the Rules and Regulations of the Club. The rules in the constitution should relate directly to the administration of the organization. Be aware of your surroundings at all times, and ensure there is a safe distance between you and others practicing. Members may book tee times online via the Club’s website. 30.) More information. Club property, including any property loaned or hired to the club, must not be abused or tampered with in any way. Must carefully rake bunkers after playing their shot and leave the rake inside the bunker. Must mark one another’s scorecard after each hole. The door entry PIN number will change on a frequent basis. 5 Day Members may access the Clubhouse at any time. Only Ordinary Members, Honorary Members and Honorary Life Members shall be entitled to vote or ballot or to be present at any Special or Annual General Meeting, to hold office or to have any interest in Club property. Decision makers in our community (on all levels); The following different communication techniques and methods are used; Press releases (and press conferences where applicable), Allocated messages to club members through text or social media, Club Constitution, Rulebooks and club policies, Implement our values across golf and the sport sector, Create a positive and truthful image of our club and the game of golf, Provide information on our activities and purpose as a club to our members and public, Internal communication and Information Flow, External Communication and Relations to the Community, Seminars/Workshops/Meetings/ Events/Competitions, Conducting an annual survey across staff, committee members and club members on the quality of internal communication, Collecting feedback from the same and reflecting possible corrective measures. Everyone should follow the club guidelines in relation to visual images. Expulsion from Rosslare Golf Club and all its activities in line with Par 32 of the club’s constitution. 1. It shall be a non-profit making body open to all persons and dedicated to the supply of sporting services. 16.) Your organisation's Constitution is like its heart and soul. It shall be a non-profit making body open to all persons and dedicated to the supply of sporting services. Well governed internal communication improves the club atmosphere and helps the management committee to succeed in the challenges of external communication. (f) Temporary Members – The Committee shall have the power to elect in limited and exceptional circumstances, after due notice has been posted on the Notice Board, a person as a Temporary Member for a period of not more than one year. For the purpose of defining “Family Subscription”, a family shall consist of: (A) A husband and wife, one of whom holds Ordinary, Overseas membership and one of whom holds Associate membership, plus not more than two elected children under the age of 21 years. The Union recognises the Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews as the ruling authority on all matters regarding the Rules of Golf and the Rules of Amateur Status and accepts to be bound thereby. Clubhouse Members can access the Clubhouse at any time. Constitution & Rules (CURRENT) 1.) In crisis situations a crisis group must be established, which is lead by the Captain / Chair of the Management Committee. (e) In the event of a violation of any part of the Constitution or the rules and regulations of the Club deemed to be of a serious nature or of very serious misconduct, the Committee, after calling upon the member for an explanation and after giving the Member the opportunity to present his or her case will have the power to expel the member from the Club. In the event of both being absent the Members present and entitled to vote may select a Chairman from the Members of the Committee present. The quorum for a Committee meeting will be at least half of the elected Committee. Members seeking a handicap or whose handicap has lapsed should follow the instructions on the noticeboard. The President shall preside at all General Meetings. Visitors and guests … Management 9. 37.9. (F) Ordinary Members and Associates who are members for twenty years and who have reached the age of sixty-five shall receive a reduction in the yearly subscription as follows: (ii) Ordinary Members who, on 1st January in the relevant year, have reached the age of 21 years and have not reached the age of 24 years and who are registered as full-time students at any Second or Third Level institution shall pay a reduced subscription as set out by General or Special General meeting from time to time. 2.) The club will make a qualitative and quantitative assessment on how successful our communication has been. 13.) Kenny Monaghan: 01786 464098 (option 2), Clubhouse Manager: These Rules and any alterations to them are subject to the rules of Dereham Golf Club. Having considered all the facts, the Committee will decide whether or not to uphold the complaint. Competitors refusing to co-operate with the Starter will be disqualified from the competition and reported to Match and Handicap. Minutes shall be kept in proper books of all resolutions and proceedings of the Committee, and every minute signed by the Chairman of the next meeting shall be sufficient evidence of the facts therein stated. Any Standard Security or other documents to be granted in connection with the exercise of the said borrowing powers shall be  executed by the Captain, the Vice-Captain and the Finance Convener for the time being as Trustees ex-officio. (e) To erect, maintain, improve or alter any building or erections, whether of a permanent or temporary nature, for the purposes of or capable of being conveniently used in connection with any of the objects or purposes of the Club, or for the purpose of being let, sold, surrendered, or otherwise disposed of, together with any lands and rights, as the Club may deem fit. Members/Guests/Visitors may park their car in the car park within the designated bays. Competitors must return all cards in competitions. Disruption of, or improper interference with the administrative, sporting, social or other activities of the club, whether on club premises or elsewhere. The Chair will have a casting as well as deliberative vote. (d) To borrow money, and to give security (over heritable and/or other property of the Club) in support of any such borrowings by the Club, in support of any obligations undertaken by the Club or in support of any guarantee issued by the Club. Members who are also Members of other golf clubs must declare to the Match and Handicap Committee their ‘home’ club. SAMPLE GOLF CLUB CONSTITUTION AND BY-LAWS Your club should modify and adapt the following Articles to fit its particular circumstances. (i) borrow such sums (without limitation) on such terms as the  committee  considers appropriate from time to time on behalf of the Club in such manner   as the Committee deems advisable; and. Rosslare Golf Club have developed procedures and protocols to ensure the smooth running of the club and so that it can fulfil its function under the terms of Paragraph 32 of the clubs constitution ‘If any member by conduct or otherwise shall, in the opinion of the committee bring or cause discredit upon or to the club or endanger the welfare or good order of the club, its members or its property, such conduct or other matter shall be enquired into by the committee’. A Member shall notify the Committee of his or her desire to avail of this Rule, and it shall be his/her duty to apply for reinstatement to membership of the Club at the expiration of the aforesaid period, and if he/she shall omit so to apply, Membership shall be deemed to have lapsed. Damage to or defacement of club property, the property of other club members caused intentionally or recklessly, or the misappropriation or misuse of such property.